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Julião Sarmento - CAC – 50 anos: A Democratização Vivida




Julião Sarmento - CAC – 50 anos: A Democratização Vivida


Group exhibition

Museu Nacional Soares dos Reis, Oporto

07.06 - 29.12.2024

‘10 June 1974. Not even two months after the Carnation Revolution, a street action in Porto was already inscribed in the history of the cultural centres and museum spaces dedicated to contemporary creation an unprecedented and unparalleled moment,’ says Miguel von Hafe Pérez, curator of the temporary exhibition “Centro de Arte Contemporânea – 50 years, Making Art Democratic”.

The exhibition recalls this event and evokes the history of the CAC – Contemporary Art Centre, the embryo of the Serralves Foundation and its Museum of Contemporary Art.

Starring the city’s artists and intellectuals linked to institutions such as Cooperativa Árvore, Teatro Experimental do Porto, Seiva Trupe or Cineclube do Porto, the ‘Burial of the Soares dos Reis Museum’ gave voice to a popular demand fuelled by the effervescent drive to open up to modernity, rescued from the heavy silence of the dictatorship.

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