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José Loureiro, Mariana Gomes - Pintura. Provocação




José Loureiro, Mariana Gomes - Pintura. Provocação


Group exhibition

Galeria do Parque, Vila Nova da Barquinha

08.06 - 14.09.2024

For the first time, the EDP Foundation is presenting an exhibition from its Art Collection in the privileged space of this gallery, with works by Adriana Proganó, Álvaro Lapa, Eduardo Batarda, Gabriel Abrantes, Horácio Frutuoso, João Marçal, José Almeida Pereira, José Loureiro, Maria Beatriz, Mariana Gomes, René Tavares, Sara Chang Yan and Tiago Baptista, inviting the public to discover the diversity of the artistic practice of painting.

This collection is part of the more than 2,540 works by more than 345 artists that make up our Art Collection, which we started in 2000 with the aim of covering the various generations of Portuguese artists from the 1960s onwards and to include the various disciplines of artistic creation up to the present day. Over the years, we have enriched the collection in close conjunction with our cultural activities, presenting it nationally and internationally, and it is a regular feature in the programme of our MAAT - Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology.

To provoke, from the Latin provoco, -are, means to call out, to send out, to order, to stimulate, to exhort, to challenge, to appeal. This exhibition began with Mariana Gomes' This is not a painting, it's a provocation (2013). What other paintings would we have in our Art Collection reserves that could accompany this incitement? After all, what defines a painting?

Works that tell stories, that are records of memory, that are metaphors, that aren't paintings but seem to be, that are paintings and don't seem to be, .... paintings that are and can be everything: the possibilities of painting within itself. In the discovery of these provocations, we propose, with complicity, the enjoyment of this set of works from the EDP Foundation Art Collection with the visitor.

Margarida Almeida Chantre (EDP Foundation)

© Mariana Gomes, "Isto não é uma pintura" (2020)

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