João Paulo Feliciano - Ajax et Plures




João Paulo Feliciano - Ajax et Plures


"Ajax et Plures" is the name of the new exhibition by visual artist and musician João Paulo Feliciano that will be on display at the Oporto campus of the Portuguese Catholic University. An initiative that fits in with the accession of the Catholic University as a founding member of the Serralves Foundation.

The exhibition includes a set of works by the artist from the 1990s and 2000s, belonging to the Serralves collection, and also includes a new work conceived for the University.

The works presented in the exhibition are representative of different moments in João Paulo Feliciano's career, where it will be possible to witness the artist's ironic and provocative attitude, as well as his desire to involve the viewer in the interpretation of his work, characteristics that are transversal in the diverse body of his work.

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