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Fernão Cruz - Teatro Anatómico




Fernão Cruz - Teatro Anatómico


Exposição coletiva com curadoria de João Sousa Cardoso

Centro de Arte Oliva, S. João da Madeira

04.03.2023 - 31.12.2023

Invited by the Centro de Arte Oliva, João Sousa Cardoso built a unique vision of the Treger Saint Silvestre Collection, one of the most relevant European collections of gross/outsider art, in a site-specific creation where the dramatization of bodies, objects and presences dialogues with the tradition of theater.

Inspired by the Anatomical Theatre of Padua, Italy - the first permanent anatomical theater in the world, inaugurated in 1595, an example of scientific progress in the study of anatomy and a model for anatomical theaters in the main universities of Europe - that Goethe visited and admired during his trip to Italy, Anatomical Theatre intends to dissect and reflect a complex, sinuous and organic collection, misaligned with the field of contemporary art. At the same time, Anatomical Theater invites to a local experience of the senses that implies the bodies and the materiality of images, in the time of virtual economy. And, in a political gesture, to think about the cruelty capable of suspending the cycles of barbarism.

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