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Fernão Cruz - Passeio da Estrela




Fernão Cruz - Passeio da Estrela


Guided tours given by the artist Fernão Cruz

Cristina Guerra Contemporary Art, Lisbon

16.12.2023 @ 14h30 / 16h30

The Estrela and Rato neighbourhood galleries are pleased to invite you to "Passeio da Estrela".

The galleries around the park on Saturday will be open from 2pm to 7pm on 16 December. The event includes 3+1 Arte Contemporânea, Jahn und Jahn, Encounter, Galeria da Madragoa, Monitor, No-No, Galeria Pedro Cera and Galeria Miguel Nabinho.

Join us for a drink, a guided tour and the chance to visit the current exhibitions, as well as a map and tuk tuks between the venues.

At Cristina Guerra gallery the artist Fernão Cruz will be giving two guided tours (at 2h30, and at 4h30) about "INSONE". Contamos consigo!

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