The Time Before









The Time Before is an overbordering system that questions the notions of work of art and of exhibition. The signifying link that unites all the pieces presented in this show transforms them into an iteration of what they were (one work in Melik Ohanian’s artistic career) and part of a work whose title is The Time Before. This is, therefore, a work-exhibition that strongly affirms the autonomy of the work of art vis-à-vis its exhibition.

In reality, more than an ex-position, this is a de-position: a term that refers to dismantling and to evading authoritative protocols. It is also a declaration, a statement. The Time Before is a large-scale operation that dismantles the categories usually used to identify a work of art and the uncontroversial means of its display. More than a display, it is a deploy.

Even though, The Time Before goes beyond deploying — its aim is to propose, and what it offers is a future for the idea of work of art. It’s all about finding scope, space, time, and the possibility of movement: freedom.