Plus Invited Guests
Livros 06 - Jonathan Monk Exhibit Model Four – plus invited guests

Jonathan Monk

ISBN 978-3-7356-0650-1


18 × 27 cm

92 páginas

37 ilustrações a cores e 12 a preto e branco

Capa mole

Línguas: alemão, inglês


Andreas Fiedler / KINDL - Centro de Arte Contemporânea

Texto por

Andreas Fiedler, Magdalena May, Dorothea Zwirner

Desenho por

Karsten Heller, Estúdio DiG, Berlim


Jonathan Monk: Exposição Modelo Quatro - mais convidados, KINDL - Centro de Arte Contemporânea, Berlim: 10 de Março - 21 de Julho, 2019

Jonathan Monk (*1969) is known for his witty appropriation of art history, his re-staging of conceptual and minimalist art works, his critique of both the exhibition circus and the aesthetic category of originality. Exhibit Model is an installation of photo-papers, depicting his works in different exhibition contexts. Site-specifically modified, it has been shown before in Muttenz, Copenhagen, and Montreal. For its fourth iteration, at KINDL – Zentrum für zeitgenössische Kunst he combined it with works by fellow artists, the “invited guests”. The artist book resumes this approach conceptually.

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